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TryBooking is a do-it-yourself event management system that easily enables you to create, manage and publish events online where people can book and pay for your event. Administrative tasks like the creation of customer and standby lists, seating plans, the collection of monies etc. are all done automatically.

Absolutely! Whether you are creating and managing events or simply wishing to book an event, TryBooking is very quick and easy to use. Event organisers can have events up and running in as little as 15 minutes and patrons don't even need to register to buy tickets.


Only if you wish to create and manage your own Events. If you simply want to make a booking for an event you don't need an account.

TryBooking treats your data seriously. We do not on-sell or provide your data to any 3rd parties or send you emails apart from those relating to your current purchase. Please consult our Privacy Policy for more details.

TryBooking is very respectful of the privacy of all users on its Site.

Any personal information that may be used by the TryBooking Site in order to carry out its necessary functions is stored on a separate computer that is protected by Firewalls. The data itself is also encrypted to further reduce any risk that your information will be obtained and used by unauthorised access. We do not store your full credit card number, only the last four digits is kept and this is to show you which card you have used to make the booking.

Of course, given the increasing sophistication of computer hackers, there are no absolute guarantees that our systems will never be accessed without our consent, or that our systems are impenetrable. However, you can rest assured that we take all reasonable measures to ensure the security of your personal information and the bookings you have made.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here and is available by clicking on the link located in the footer of TryBooking's website.

TryBooking is a booking service used by many organisations such as schools, community groups, theatres, professional organisations and charities. If TryBooking appears on your credit card statement it will be because you, or sometimes a family member, have booked or registered to an event through our system.

To see what the transaction was for or to validate your transaction following follow THIS LINK to our secure website.

Any potential refunds relating to events are handled solely by the Event Organiser who creates and manages the TryBooking event. The additional booking fee which may apply to ticket holders booking for paid events via the TryBooking website is not refundable.

No. The TryBooking team strive to make your experience an enjoyable one. There are no pop-up advertising messages on the site.

Most event organisers are happy to accept tickets shown on a phone or iPad screen although feel free to check with them directly.

This is for the event organiser to decide, TryBooking does not make such decisions. Please check with the event organiser as soon as possible - their details are usually given on the front page of the event on TryBooking.

It happens, don't worry! Simply follow the LINK to our website, re-enter your email address and we'll email your tickets to you again.

Your tickets should arrive to your email inbox within minutes of booking. If you don't receive the email, please check your junk / spam folders and double check that you are logged into the correct email account.


It takes just a few minutes for event organisers to register for their complimentary TryBooking account. Please ensure you have a valid email address to receive the activation email we will send you to get started.

Please note that only event organisers need to register for an account. You do not need to register to buy tickets.

Yes, it's no secret, TryBooking offers the lowest fees in the industry!

Patrons pay just 30c per ticket purchased and you, the event organiser, cover the bank transaction fee of 2.1% plus 50c per customer transaction.

That's it! There are no set-up costs, no minimum sales and no ongoing commitments.

TryBooking is suitable for events of all types and sizes. You can use TryBooking to create school events, theatre performances, charity fundraisers, dance school events, festivals, sport club events, university club events, rotary and lions club events, markets, racing club meets, choirs, workshops and seminars, council run events, scouts and girl guide events, business and association events, visitor and information centre events, cooking school registrations, music concert ticket sales and much more. TryBooking handles these with ease.

There is no catch. In fact we encourage you to try us out and see for yourself how easy the TryBooking site is to both create and manage your next event or to simply book an event.

One way you can help us is by sending testimonials of your experiences using TryBooking. This can result in more people using the Site which means more funds for us (via the additional booking fee) to improve TryBooking to the advantage of all our users. Testimonials also act as a way for you to advertise yourselves at no cost on the TryBooking website.

Another way you may assist us is by word of mouth. Whenever you mention us to family or friends it helps to increase TryBooking's profile. Naturally there is no obligation on your part to do this but the more people we have using TryBooking, the better our ability to fund improvements to the Site.

We fund the site by charging a small booking fee when you use our Credit Card payment facility. This additional booking fee only applies to paid events where the Event Organiser wishes to use our credit card payment system to collect payments for that event. We are more than happy for Event Organisers to collect the money independently, as long as they are aware that we do provide this facility to help manage their event more easily. There's no obligation to use our collection system but by doing so, the booking fee we collect can be used towards further developing the website to the advantage of our users.

Whenever you create a new event it is given its own unique TryBooking URL (web address). To let people know about your event all you need to do is email them the link. By simply clicking on the link they'll go directly to your event web page ready for booking.

We support funds and institutions that have been approved by the Australian Tax Office as an endorsed Tax Concession Charity (TCC) by donating back 100% of the booking fees. Click here to see if your fund / charity is applicable.

All you need is a computer with internet access to get going.

Our Australian based Client Services team are always on hand to help clients get started online, answer technical questions and provide valuable advice, tips and ideas.

The support page on our website also has a number of helpful tools including training videos and step-by-step guides.

If an event is booked and paid for via the TryBooking website, ticket holders must supply credit card details. If the event is free or the Event Organiser decides to organise the collection of monies themselves, then tickets may be booked at no charge.

TryBooking offers a secure payment gateway that accepts Visa, Mastercard and Amex debit or credit cards.

Yes. When you create an account you will automatically receive our newsletter which will keep you up to date with everything you need to know about TryBooking.

All you need do to start creating and managing your events is to set up a TryBooking account. You can do this by going to our website's home page and clicking either the "Sell Tickets" or "Create Events" button. Just make sure you provide us with a valid email address so that we can activate your account. It's that easy.

If you wish to book an event but you don't know the URL, you can perform a search under "Buy Tickets" on the TryBooking home page or follow this link to find your event.

Yes. On TryBooking, we use a program called CAPTURE that provides an audio message of the security code you need to enter if registering as an Event Organiser.

Other features include alternate text tags for all graphics that appear on the TryBooking website, in addition to keyboard shortcuts like the Alt and N keys used to select the Next option on a Wizard.

Yes, in fact we encourage you to tell all your friends about TryBooking and to come check us out themselves. We ask that you send us an email at to let us know so that we can share your link.

Yes. Each event has a special URL to do this and you'll find it in the event's dashboard with instructions. You can link each event individually to your website or automate this by using the account listing which updates each time you list an event.

You can re-open an event for late bookers via the 'Manage Events' section. Select your event and session times then move your booking end date/time accordingly.

If you have the same event on a regular basis, it's simple to ADD a new session time to your event and then hide your old session time, using all the setup you had in place last time.

Yes! Using Data Collection you can collect the names of attendees and their dietary requirements at the time of booking. To learn more please follow this LINK to our informative training video on Data Collection.

Use the export data report, then select your event and the custom questions you added.

Yes, each TryBooking ticket has a unique barcode you can scan using our Gatekeeper software. This software can be downloaded for free from the TryBooking website. It is fast, reliable, easy to operate and does not require internet access to operate at the event venue.

Absolutely! You can make your event private and turn off all social media links via the 'Event Publication' section. It is at your discretion to share your unique booking URL as publicly or privately as you choose.

You can add images to your event by clicking on the 'Insert Image' icon in your event dashboard. This allows you to style your TryBooking event homepage to match the event itself.

For more information please see the videos on event homepages.

Yes. In just a few easy steps you can add merchandise sales to your event booking process e.g. Pre-sell programs, T-Shirts and DVD's.

Please email the Client Services team at to learn more.

You can use some of our sample buttons on your website to make your event prominent on your website. The buttons are free to download and some in a variety of styles. Follow this LINK to browse sample buttons.

If your question has not been answered please contact us on 03 9012 3460 or email us at


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